Allow admins when creating fields for panel type submission, to select an option under custom fields' settings to only display them in parent abstract i.e. the first abstract. Only those fields would be displayed in parent abstract for which the above option is selected.

The custom fields that were not selected to display in parent abstract fields not be displayed in parent abstract in frontend and in the backend.

Default fields i.e. Abstract title and Abstract summary would be renamed to Panel title and Panel summary in the parent abstract using Language keywords.

In parent abstract, it would not display the name & other details of the submitting author nor would it display any button to add/edit primary/presenting author.

In the backend, it would display the submitting author for parent abstract.


If adding an abstract to an existing panel, or changing abstract type from general submission type to panel submission type, one would need to select an existing panel from the "Add to a Panel" dropdown (mandatory).

If adding an abstract to a new panel, one would need to create a new panel using "Add New Panel" button in the top right corner.
Once added, admin would then go to the abstract that is to be added in a panel, change the submission type to panel, select the Panel from the "Add to a panel" dropdown and click Save.

When adding a new panel, one would click on "Add New Panel" button which would load the form with the following:

Panel title
Topic dropdown
Type drodpoww
Primary author dropdown
Panel summary
Custom fields related to Panel intro.